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Many Northborough clients have garage door access management requirements that can’t be met by our selection of standard overhead garage doors. In such cases, Neighborhood Garage Door Service turns to its stock of specialty doors to find suitable and unique solutions. Our specialty door staff at Neighborhood Garage Door Service has in-depth expertise relating to our specialty doors and their installation and repair. With such a depth of knowledge, our experts are able to gauge the favorable impact of a specialty door solution to any home or business garage door problem.

Insulated Doors

Insulation built into your garage door provides your vehicles, tools, and equipment with protection from adverse weather conditions. Insulated doors are especially important for buildings such as warehouses where the maintenance of a consistent indoor temperature is necessary to protect products.

However, an insulated garage door can turn your garage space into a comfortable recreational place – a space to work on hobbies for example. An insulated garage door also benefits your home or business by making it more energy efficient. Neighborhood Garage Door Service stocks a range of insulated garage doors, all adaptable to the needs of the individual home or business.

Fire Doors

Neighborhood Garage Door Service Northborough, MA 508-573-1079A fire door is a sensible addition to any garage space because the garage is an area susceptible to fires because of various inflammable compounds commonly stored there - gasoline, cleaning solutions, paints, paint thinner, etc. Apart from a fuel leak or a spark onto a heated surface, combustible materials have been known start a fire under direct, sustained sunlight. Because most garages are connected to the main home or business building, a small fire beginning in the garage could spread rapidly.

A good fire door will completely resist small flare-ups, stop flames up to crucial heat levels, and significantly slow the advance of a large blaze into the rest of the premises. Because many fires start in the garage, a fireproof door is indispensable as a means of protection for your home or business. Even more important it can give you and your family or employees time to escape from a building that is going to burn.

Building codes enacted by many municipalities specify that fire doors must be able to resist a garage fire for at least twenty minutes. We can provide you with a garage fire door with an even higher resistance rating to provide an important layer of fire protection for your residence or business.

Traffic Doors (High-Speed Doors)

Another specialty door type we commonly install is a high-speed, traffic-optimized door designed for high-traffic garage portals. These doors are made to open quickly for frequent convenient entry. Our high-speed doors are available in economic models that provide utility and value and premium models that include higher operational speeds and lower noise levels.